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more about table

I'm really glad you're here. 

My name is Allison, and I'm the chef and owner of table. I'm from Florida, grew up in Tennessee, and landed in Lexington in 2012. I had just graduated from culinary school and decided to follow my brother here to the University of Kentucky, where I shortly after completed my business degree. 

Fast-forward ten years or so and I'm now a mama, a business-owner and a full-time chef - happily cooking my little heart away here in Kentucky each and every day. 


In 2020, I launched "the magic mama company", which I intended to be a place for mothers to find support. as a single mama myself without family in town, I was feeling on a personal level the hardships of not being surrounded by a village, so I decided to build one myself. I wanted to create a place where other moms could turn for support when they needed it the most - right after having a baby. 

Initially, the magic mama company sourced overnight postpartum doulas to new families, along with healthy, chef-prepared family meals perfect for those with new babies at home. it was support in the simplest form - sleep and food - two of the most basic needs that somehow almost every new mom I knew quickly lost sight of in those initial first few weeks with baby. as the magic mama company grew, so did the demand for the nourishing, made-from-scratch meals that I was preparing for clients. Within just a few months of selling my first postpartum family meal, I found myself cooking full-time and feeding more than new mamas alone. supporting new mamas, doula work and growing the services that magic mama offered all quickly got pushed to the back-burner (pun fully intended) as I spent most every available hour I had cooking to fulfill meal orders. 

the magic mama company is near and dear to my heart, and truth be told, the food business was smothering her potential to flourish and reach moms in a way that would build the village I've dreamed of creating. cooking and feeding people is near and dear to me as well though, so, in 2022,

table was created - and here we are!

table is based in lexington, kentucky and specializes in feeding families chef-prepared meals made from as many locally-sourced and organic ingredients as possible. table offers meal subscriptions locally, as well as private chef service, small-batch catering, private cooking lessons and so much more.

Feeding people is how I fill my cup. It's my favorite way to show love to the people in my own village.

I'm so thankful you're here and open to me feeding your villages, too. It's an absolute honor and one of my greatest joys. 



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