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Harvesting Vegetables

welcome home, honey.
dinner's on the table.


let us take cooking (and meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen

and doing all of the dishes) off of your plate this week.

table provides a unique menu each week for you to select four meals from

- we even allow you to make all of the substitutions and customizations that you'd like to.

our chef's completely prepare the meals for you and your family

and we'll deliver them to your door each week.

follow our simple heating instructions to warm your meal,

plate dinner, and unwind for the evening with the ones you love, stress-free.

more about
meal subscriptions

table meal subscriptions are unlike most that you might've tried,

and trust us, there's a reason for that.

for many of clients, meal subscriptions that require hands-on cook time sound lovely,

but end up going to waste in their fridges.

that's why we've completely eliminated the need

for any preparation on our client's part.

besides warming dinner (whether in the microwave, oven or air-fryer),

it's truly ready to be set on the table & enjoyed.

table meal subscriptions are very much still what we would consider a private chef service.

we offer complete customization of our weekly menu to each and every client.

gluten-free, dairy-free or just "kinda picky"?

no biggie. we can handle that - and at no extra charge.

interested in the ingredients we use here at table?

this company was created to build connection through food,

and we love telling that story though our service, our team and our ingredients, too.

as often as possible, table uses locally sourced ingredients in each of our menu items.

this includes meat, vegetables, herbs, grains & more!

if you ever want to know more about a specific ingredient we've chose to use,

ask us! we love to chat about food, any day, any time.

many of our clients absolutely love that their meals are delivered to them,

rather than having to be made in their own kitchens at home.

our chef's work out of a commercial kitchen and then deliver meals

on Mondays and Thursdays to families in Fayette & Jessamine Counties.

and the best part? delivery is included in our meal subscription pricing.

though our meal service is only available as a subscription,

we do invite newcomers to try our food by taking advantage of the

no-strings-attached trial week.

once signing up for our meal subscriptions, clients are able to

easily skip weeks,  pause their subscriptions or cancel.

we require a 7 day notice to skip or pause a subscription,

and a 14 day notice to cancel your subscription.

still have questions about our service?

let's plan a time for you to chat one on one with our chef owner, allison.

we know you take feeding your family seriously, and we do too.

we're more than happy to spend time on a phone call answering all of your questions

prior to trying out our service.

want more info?

thanks for submitting! we'll be in touch soon.

meal subscription pricing

family of two meal subscription


the family of two meal subscription includes four meals (complete with entrees + sides)

from our weekly menu. each of the four meals includes two adult servings.

our servings are generous, so we think (and our clients have confirmed) that this subscription is perfect for two adults + a tiny tot or two if you have littles at home.

family of three meal subscription


the family of three meal subscription includes four meals (complete with entrees + sides)

from our weekly menu. each of the four meals includes three adult servings.

this plan might be perfect for you if your home includes two adults and one or two older children.

it can also be perfect for families who want additional portions of each meal

to bring along to work for lunch throughout the week.

family of four meal subscription


the family of four meal subscription includes four meals (complete with entrees + sides)

from our weekly menu. each of the four meals includes four adult servings.

this plan might be perfect for you if your home includes multiple adults,

or if you want enough of each meal to take to work for lunch each day, too.

each of our meal subscriptions includes the following:

recyclable family packaging

(individual packaging is available per request for an surcharge)

delivery within fayette or jessamine co. on mondays and/or Thursdays

the ability to customize menu items for allergies and/or preferences

please note: our meal subscription prices do not include tax.

this is calculated at the time of billing.

meal subscription trial weeks

ready to try out a table meal subscription? select any meal plan trial below - no subscription required to give our meals a try. the team at table will follow up after your first deliver to assist you in signing up for weekly delivery, should you decide it's a good fit for your family! 


looking for monday meal delivery?

our monday delivery subscriptions are currently sold out,

but hop on the waitlist and we'll contact you as soon as a

monday delivery spot becomes available.

thanks! we'll be in touch soon!

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