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bringing community, friends
and family together through
good food shared around
the table in your home.

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private chef service,
but make it simple, affordable & efficient.

when table was created, that was our simple goal.

private chef service can save families up to fifteen hours per week,

not to mention the hefty savings on grocery & take-out costs,

and the health benefits to eating clean food made at home

with ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

what many clients didn't love about private chef service

was feeling the need to have to clean up the kitchen prior to the chef's arrival,

taking time to review menu suggestions and make edits or changes,

and having excess of ingredients that might've been required

for a particular dish that was chosen.

here at table, we've remedied those concerns for our clients.

table meal subscriptions are a delivery-only service,

so there's no need for our clients to hurriedly shove dishes in the dishwasher

or worry over the state of their kitchen prior to their chef's arrival.

all meals are crafted for your family in our commercial kitchen,

and they're delivered straight to your doorstep.

our chefs create a new menu weekly with plenty of scrumptious options,

and our client's receive it via text at the beginning of the week.

we've made the menu incredibly easy to customize,

so they no longer have to worry over remembering to make menu edits:

they simply choose what they know their family will love most

by checking a few boxes & submitting their selections by friday evening.

but one of the best parts of our meal subscription service?

it's essentially a grocery-share,

which leads to an incredible savings that we can pass on to our clients!

rather than being charged separately for groceries each week, along with service,

we're able to bundle our pricing and offer an all-inclusive price structure.

gone are the days of excess ingredients living rent-free in your fridge or pantry

(like that fish sauce that your chef only needed a teaspoon of,

or the bag of risotto rice that she only had to use two cups of.)

this pricing model is so beneficial for our clients!

for an average of just $110 per adult,

our clients are able to eat beautifully created meals at home all week,

spending absolutely zero time meal planning, grocery shopping,

cooking, cleaning or doing dishes.

plus, the meals are delivered straight to their doorstep!

sound like the perfect fit for you and your family?

we're willing to bet it will be.

give our meal subscription service a no-strings-attached

try this week and try it out for yourself!

eating at home just got easier.

“the family meal plan just makes life so. much. easier. coming home to healthy prepared meals and being able to spend my time with my family has really changed our home dynamic, and I'm so thankful."

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